About EB Home

EB Home Foundation,is a charity foundation which assists patients with a specific skin problems,and is the only Iranian official institution that supports patients with epidermolysis bullosa or EB. This non-profit and non-political foundation was founded on early 2015 but it registered as an NGO on November, 7, 2017 and ever since has been aiding EB patients or unofficially know as “butterfly patients” through charitable contributions with the aim of improving these patients’ living conditions.
One of EB Home services is provision and free home delivery of essential medicines to butterfly patients.
These medicines include special dressings, various types of bandages, skin lotions, and various types of supplements, which are sent to patients under the care of the foundation each month and completely free of charge.
Moreover, EB Home offers physical and mental health services to patients, ensuring of their high level of health and welfare.Other services of EB Home includes:

  • Monthly health care contributions in cash.
  • Education and counseling patients’ families to treat patients appropriately.
  • Developing and publishing educational content in the community in order to enhance people’s awareness of the EB disease.
  • Arranging for patients’ required surgeries and covering the charges.
  • Health care contributions on products like milk powder and diapers for babies with EB.
  • Special contributions to orphans with EB.
  • Granting patients’ wishes through the “Wish Tree” scheme.
  • Holding celebrations and ceremonies, charity markets, and other events with the aim of promoting patients’ spiritual welfare.

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Your support improves the quality of life for thousands living with EB; it helps us provide free bandages to EB patients