Free Special Dressings For Patients


One of the main services of EB Home is the delivery of special Mepilex dressings to patients.
These dressings are delivered monthly and completely free to all patients who need these products.
It should be noted that Mepilex dressings are very expensive and unfortunately due to sanctions it is difficult to find them domestically.
The scarcity of this product has unfortunately caused many problems for patients.
However, EB Home has made every effort to make this dressing available for free.
To This date (during the last 3 years), special packages of dressings have been sent to patients more than 35 times, and many cases have been sent to patients on a case-by-case basis.
EB Home will continue to try and supply these important products for its patients and on this way, we always rely on the people who support us and let us do this job as an independent NGO.

-EB Home Public Relations

EB Home volunteers


Your support improves the quality of life for thousands living with EB; it helps us provide free bandages to EB patients