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In these articles, we have tried to make you familirized with EB disease and the problems which the patients encounter.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Home service at the time of Corona Virus (Covid 19) outbreak

Covid 19 started in Iran in early March and affected most Iranian cities. Due to the widespread pandemic of this non-contagious disease and

Campaign from the bathroom to the house

Welcome to Ismail’s dream (from the bathroom to the house). Ishmael has a small wish. Are you ready to give us a hand to fulfill Ismai

Fear of affecting EB is the most unrealistic and imaginative fear you can have afraid

Do you agree that the fear of the shadows on the wall is the common fear of all people in childhood? What imaginary creatures were created w

Butterflies speak about their needs. listen to their words with your heart

Dressing, bathing, blistering and burning These words, which are hard for us to even read, are the most widely used words for a #butterfly p

What is really EB

You have asked us many times what EB-disease is . How does it occur and what are its symptoms ? We have answered your question many times si

The purest moments in butterfly patients’ lives

There are moments in life where you can do nothing but be astonished. We have found it when we traveled to Mazandaran to visit butterfly pat

Dolls are also imposed sanctions

Fatemeh, is a butterfly! Such word do with your innocent world, multivariate economic equations do not go with your subtle world. How painfu

Dear butterfly Yaser has achieved his wish by you

Do you remember Yaser? We talked about him some days ago and you listened carefully. We talked about him in his thirties and his disability

How is the age of thirties for an EB patient

Thirties is a crisis for one person, for Someone it’s the begining of an adventure but hold our hand. we want to take  you to The real

Your support improves the quality of life for thousands living with EB; it helps us provide free bandages to EB patients